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Friday, September 22, 2006

Sensorimotor cognition and natural language voodoo

Heard (yet another) talk with the kind of gargantuan leaps of faith that usually make me nervous and jumpy: "Sensorimotor cognition and natural language syntax" by Alistair Knott from down under Down Under. Unfortunately, it wasn't as I thought (from the title), a bootstrapping-like theory. Instead it was a just-so story from reading too much neuronal thingies, and identifying some kind of "cycling", coupled with Chomskyan-like Minimalist Syntax with something like "cycling" and then a little beating of drums, chicken bones and entrails and the hey presto! "Cycling" = "Cycling"! Which of course means that sensorimotor mumbo = syntax jumbo! Grrrr! Of course I like leaps of faith! That's what makes science so much fun! But personally this was something for the pub, with lots of beer, chips, interesting chicks and lots of paper napkins (for writing.. nothing to do with the chicks). Which, once the alcohol fog has cleared the next day and you have deciphered the hieroglyphics on the napkins, you try to come up with predictions and stuff and to go firm up EVERY little link and see whats what and whats not...


Anonymous Gioia said...

bravo Mohinish!

September 23, 2006 4:32 PM  

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