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Monday, February 19, 2007

The kind of Pokemon I am

Starmie You scored 53% Fire vs Water, 47% Grass vs Flying, 43% Electric vs Bug, and 64% Fight v Psychic! You are Starmie! You're happy to go with the flow and use your brain power rather than brute strength. You're logical and outgoing and altogether quite charming. You don't like to fight, that much is obvious, but you aren't afraid to face a challenge and will take it head-on. But you're more laid-back, and are rather calm in your approach to life. Your special attack is minimize. You don't exactly shrink from a battle, but you know when to hold them and when to fold them, and you'd rather spend your time doing something more fun than fighting silly battles. You are a water and psychic type, easy going and intelligent. Your trainer will find these qualities have many benefits in battle.
Link: The What Kind of Pokemon Are You Test written by AaronJJ on OkCupid.


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