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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The demise of neural nets?

I don't really like neural nets. Rather, I don't like neural nets when it comes to the human mind. The only reason that neural nets seem to exist is because someone saw their potential for computation. Of course, that potential itself has not been fuly realized; most "neurons" in typical neural nets are little points with rather simple I/O functions. Of course, most neural netters will tell you that the brain is full of neurons. The whole central nervous system is full of neurons. But really, there are ten times fewer neurons than there are glial cells, and they too are busy, nourishing, maintaining, organizing neurons and even participating in neural transmissions. And a recent paper in Trends in Neuroscience now says, "Astrocytic complexity distinguishes the human brain". I'm just waiting for the discovery of the role of astrocytes in setting up neural circuits, and participating in neural function! After all, the radial glia are busy directing neurons to the cortex.. how much role do they play in setting up the initial cortical specificities? Could be LOTS! And hopefully we'll be rid of the "neural nets do everything" culture. I just hope we won't usher in an "astrocytes do everything" era...


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