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Monday, October 09, 2006

Millenium scientists - India

Found this article from the December 27 issue of India Today, with the scientific Faces of the Millennium. The great thing at that time was how many people I knew, and how:
  • (1) Partha Majumdar - ISI, Calcutta; met at a conference on Mathematical Biology, Puri
  • (2) Jayant Udgaonkar - faculty at NCBS
  • (3) Samir Brahmachari - taught us molecular biophysics at the MBU, IISc
  • (4) Milind Watve - head of microbiology at Garware College, Pune, and partially to blame for my entering science.
  • (5) R Sukumar - my Ph.D. advisor at the CES, IISc
  • (6) Raghavendra Gadagkar - taught us behavioural ecology at the CES, IISc
  • (7) N. Balakrishnan - head of the SERC, IISc
So that's how I knew I was in good company.... :)


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