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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pune people

Pune is full of interesting people. They might not be able to send bricks to sleep with thought alone, but interesting nevertheless.
One of the people responsible for getting me started on a career in science. This last time I visited his office he had a snake on his table.

  • Sonalee Hardikar, creative mom
What does one do after a B.Sc. in Chemistry? If you're the kind of Puneite Sonalee is, you gofor mass communications, spend some time learning wood-carving with Buddhist refugee nuns somewhere in the Himalayas, study at and then teach at the marvellous National School of Drama in Delhi, and then set up an intense and very beautiful exhibition in the cultural heart of Pune. Digitally manipulated pix.

This is GIMPed... :)


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