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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dyslexia for musical score. And a Godly beer

I know I have a hard time reading Marathi or Hindi, and always put that down to a shortage of practise with the Devanagari script. But then, I find it very hard to Italian, which is in Roman, so I've been assuming I'm mildly dyslexic (or plain lazy to do the grapheme-phoneme translation). But recently I realized that I am also bad at reading musical scores. Of course they're diferent, but lumper* that I am, I couldn'thelp wondering if there were people who were dyslexic in reading musical scores the way some people have dyslexia for reading text.

If the question interests you, look at this review article from last year by Sylvie Hébert and Lola Cuddy - which reviews some findings about music and text reading. Also, do consider looking at fMRI experiments with score reading vs text reading, looking at ROIs around the inferior parietal gyrus and in the visual word form area...

Beer of the Gods ;)

Found this beer with a remarkable label at Beers of the World - an amazing shop which just too large a collection of beer to be able to choose in any reasonable amount of time. Way to go, California! Here's one beer you shouldn't export to India ;)


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