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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

America Update

All the scare about North American winters! Looks like I'm travelling with sunshine in my pockets: in New Jersey, NY, and Rochester, people swore that just till the day before you arrived it was close to 0 Kelvin, with enough snow to make the arctic circle blush.
The good thing was that with the temperatures climbing, nice 90$ Gore-Tex shoes were being thrown at you for 30-40$. Useful.

New Jersey

The place is marvelous. Although the first few hours were just roads, and more roads. Nothing there is really walkable. Some counties in that area apparently has the largest % of Indians in any US county.
I met more family, and a second cousin who's brilliant!

The main problem is the transportation! Luckily, there are scores of friendly people who don't mind taking passengers :)

Sooo.. have been bowling, to a bbq place, a film-watching session (Why We Fight). With pizza! American, not Italian pizza, but good American pizza.. the stuff we are used to in India.

Much more to look forward to:
  • Maple Sugar Tour & Pancake Brunch
  • Rochester International Council Wine Tasting.
I really Need More Hours...



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